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The Richards Trauma Process

I am the 2nd person in the UK to be certified as a practitioner in The Richards Trauma Process (TRTP™).

In a nutshell, what is TRTP™

TRTP™ resolves anxiety, depression, PTSD and trauma-related issues by taking the distressing events we have experienced, and it puts them firmly in the past.  The emotional charge of the past is resolved.

Our Fight Flight Freeze, high-stress response is switched off and replaced with an empowered self-regulated state.  The sympathetic nervous system recalibrates and is calmed.

We quickly move from a state of ‘I’m Not safe!’ to, ‘It’s over… I’m safe now…’

Calm returns, on all levels.

Symptoms of anxiety, depression, PTSD etc. simply cease, since the triggers now disappear.

TRTP™ is a structured 3 step process.

It does not re-traumatize – there is no need to go into the details of retelling your story.

Step one involves changing the way you identify with yourself - reconfiguring the limiting or damaging beliefs you hold.  This is done in a guided safe space that leaves you feeling changed.  For many people this session alone is life-changing.

Step two involves taking the emotional charge out of the past.  The past events are resolved and the body and the unconscious move to a state of ‘It’s over… I’m safe now…’. The sympathetic nervous system is returned to a state of calm.  Many experience a state of calm and empowerment for the first time in years.

Step three is a no-holds-barred look into the future, focusing on what you want it to look like, now that you are no longer limited by your own limiting beliefs about yourself and are free of the pain of the past.   This leaves you feeling excited and ready to live your best life!

Why not book an initial 15 minute call to find out more?


Sessions are held via Zoom; you will need a headset for clarity and focus.

YouTube Videos of Judith Richards telling her story of how TRTP came about.

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