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Reiki Healing

I completed Reiki 1 in 1987 and subsequently qualified for Reiki 2, Reiki Master then Tutor Certification.  I have accumulated years of practical experience of the powerful healing benefits of Reiki


Reiki can be an integrated part of a massage or on its own.  Whether you are seeking emotional balance, stress reduction, or spiritual healing, a Reiki session can help restore harmony and wellbeing on all levels.

A Reiki session is performed whilst fully clothed, and is a suitable and safe treatment for children, as well as during pregnancy, or pre/post natal.  It is also helpful to those with illnesses such as cancer.

I also offers private training to those who would like to be initiated.  Email for more details

I'm currently available at Reflexion clinic in Bayswater and Clapham Junction.  


To book a session with me at Reflexions:

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