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I began my journey to becoming a massage therapist in 1996 when I studied Aromatherapy and obtained my diploma at The Tisserand Institute of Clinical Aromatherapy (TIDipA).


Since then I've gone on to qualify in the following modalities:


Deep Tissue Advanced Massage

Facial Reflexology

Facilitated Stretching

Hand and Foot Reflexology

Hands Free Massage


Thai Foot Massage

Tui Na (foundation)

I work intuitively by cherry picking from the above modalities to treat what is required in a single session, unless a specific therapy is requested e.g. reflexology.

Integrated Bodywork® is a blend of all my massage techniques as well as Reiki Healing.  Integrated Bodywork® can therefore help to reduce stress, increase flexibility and mobility, release energy blocks, alleviate physical aches and pains and improve sleep, all of which will increase your sense of wellbeing.


This unique fusion of modalities has been developed

and proven over my years working as a full time practitioner.

I'm currently available at Reflexion clinic in Bayswater and Clapham Junction.  


To book a session with me at Reflexions:

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